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So what’s this Book all about then?

I’m so glad you asked. You see, “Be A Free Range Human” is not a regular business or careers book. This isn’t just about making a living without a job… it’s about discovering a world where creating something that suits you down to the ground is not only encouraged but essential to make this work. 

It’s about life on your terms, working when, where and how you want – so you don’t have to fit you (and your unique personality) into someone else’s box to get paid. 

Sounds good? You’re not alone:  

Translated into 6 languages, and featured everywhere from The Guardian to CBS Money and Business Week, “Be A Free Range Human” was one of the first and most popular guides to creating a custom career (without an office or a boss). 

This 2nd edition is heavily revised + updated, including advice on how to make free range work for your personality (you don’t need to be an always-networking extrovert, have loads of funding or an MBA!)… and finding your right next steps in a noisy world.  

This smart, energising (and thoughtful) book will help you cut through the noise, and see your options in a new way so you can get freedom and fulfilment as you (no one-size-fits-all formulas in sight!)      


Hi there! I’m Marianne. Good to virtually meet you.

These days I’m known as an author and for things like my TEDx Talk on “The Hidden Power Of Not Always Fitting In” (viewed over a quarter of a million times)… but a decade ago I was a corporate-cage human who definitely needed out.    

After watching too many days go by when I was cooped inside staring out the window (feeling like I had to leave a big part of myself at the door in order to get paid), I finally quit my job and went free range.     

Not because I had some grand mission to ‘dominate the world’… but because I genuinely wanted to create an own boss ‘career’ where I got to feel like me – where I could work when, where and how I wanted, write my own ‘job description’ – and live a life that felt right every day.  

This philosophy is what underpins Free Range Humans today: a movement with 20,000 people, online courses and events, and one bestselling book, we’ve worked with thousands of people to find their thing and bring it to life – as them.   

Which is the point of this, really: 

Whether you’re thinking about doing something different (but nothing is 100% fitting), are in the process of doing it (but would love a boost…), or are just curious?

I wrote this book for you. 

Open this second edition to find ways to craft a real solution that fits who you really are, and the life you want (no one size fits all formulas in sight).

What’s inside

The official back cover blurb…

Trapped in a job or business that’s “just not you”? Always dreaming of your next vacation or living for the weekend? Marianne Cantwell’s straight-talking bestseller will help you break out of that career cage and Be A Free Range Human.

It’s about much more than just quitting your job and becoming your own boss. It’s about life on your terms, working when, where and how you want – so you don’t have to fit yourself into someone else’s box to make a great income. Packed with real life stories, this second edition won’t just inspire you, it will give you unconventional and practical steps to:

– Discover what you really want to do with your life (even if no answer has ever fully fit)

– Get started in 90 days, with what you have

– Create a free range career, tailor-made for you and the life you want (be it travelling the world or hanging out in your favourite café)

– Stand out from the crowd… and get paid well to be you


Bonus resources


Words for you

If you’ve ever secretly felt you have to leave a bit of yourself at the door every day in order to make things work? This one’s for you:


Early on, I put my business in a little suitcase and went ‘nomadic’ living + running my thing from Bali, Costa Rica, Italy (I can still only say “ciao”), France and more for years (yes, while earning more than in that last ‘good job’).

These days I am ‘nesting’ between London and sunny California.


I’m obsessed with personality and how we work as humans. (So I collaborate with experts on finding your thing and your right path based on who you are).  


I don’t believe that you have to ‘find your one big passion‘ in order to create a life and work you love.

(You’ll see how here!) 




I don’t believe that ‘create your own thing and a life you love’ has to look just one way…

And I definitely don’t think ‘freedom’ means ‘you have to become a cookie-cutter version of someone else in order to make things work’




I think we are at once of the luckiest points in history, with more information available at our fingertips ever before…

I also know that too much information can lead to overwhelm and lack of clarity  – that’s one thing we take on in this book.  



While I’m enthusiastic and full of possibility most of the time, I also live with on-off depression and anxiety and identify as a HSP (‘highly sensitive person’). 

I mention this as there’s a myth that doing something like this is only for brash networking-loving folks with perfect circumstances (aka shiny people who have no self doubt, ever).

This second edition busts this myth, big time, and shows another way.

Marianne Cantwell x

Be A Free Range Human (second edition)


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