Hi there podcaster!

As you know, the second edition of Be A Free Range Human came out last month… and instead of a traditional book tour I’ve been going on a podcast tour!

But, much like choosing a hotel on a real tour, I’m very picky about where I park up in podcast land 😉 

So if you’ve been sent this page it’s because I (or someone who knows me/the book well) thinks this + your podcast would be a really great fit. So here’s the low down for you:

Translated into 6 languages and  featured everywhere from The Guardian to CBS Money / Business Week, “Be A Free Range Human” has been a consistent top seller in its category since 2013. 

This second edition came out in 2019 … in the last month it’s been featured in press including BBC World news, and has big changes that speak to finding your direction (and creating your own tailor made business/career) in ways that fit your personality – in an increasingly noisy world.

You can see the full book page here with more about the book and the author.  But to save you time, here are 10 episode topics / talking points to bring this to life:

10 interview talking points

(Any of these can make a whole episode)

1. Beyond “finding your passion”. (What to do when no ‘one’ idea ever fully fits). 💡


2. Under the surface of success stories (aka “what if I’m not a shiny haired always-confident entrepreneur?”🧐).

(Go beyond the shiny glossy surface view and share real talk about people – me included – who created their own thing while living with anxiety, depression, being a ‘HSP’, chronic illness and other hidden realities that don’t usually get talked about).


3. Why varying from the traditional path to create a life and work you love doesn’t require you to ‘be a rebel’ 🥳


4. Beyond the ‘one size fits all’ formulas and blueprints for business success.

(Creating your own thing even if you secretly feel you don’t quite fit the mould of those around you 🙋‍♀️)


5. Overcoming information overwhelm (and perfectionism) to make a change for real 👊. (Includes going from ‘imagining’ an idea to making it happen in under a month – this one is great if you have an audience of my fellow perfectionists!)


6. Doing your own thing (without getting lost in endless 10-step how to’s 🤯 and comparisons in your newsfeed)


7. Why your weirdness is your edge. (An unconventional approach to finding what you really have to offer. This is my personal favourite!)


8. Redefining ‘realistic’

(If your audience has ever been told to “get real” or had an idea then told themselves “well, not in the real world…”, then let’s have a grounded, conversation on finding the difference between what is truly “realistic” for you vs just a reflection of what people around you are doing 🤷‍♂️)


9. Why ‘clever ideas’ are not always the smartest choice.


10. Quitting your job, travelling the world and working from your laptop (the inside view of the #laptoplifestyle 🏝trend from someone who did it before ‘digital nomad’ was a proper term).

NOTE: this book is not about quitting your job and travelling the world – it’s about creating something that fits who you are (and the life you want… whatever that may be). However it touches on this – so if you have an audience who is interested in this topic of ‘living and working anywhere’, let’s have some real talk about this one, from someone who was there from the start of this trend.


And more. Like the sound of any of these (or of this in general?). Drop me a line back and let’s make this happen! 

Marianne x