Be A Free Range Human Pre-Sale Day

Buy a book, get shiny presents. 24 hours (Friday Dec 7 - Saturday Dec 8)

I’m excited to announce that the Free Range Humans book is available for pre-sale… and our 24 hour “get your pre-orders in” celebration is open, starting now! Here’s what’s happening:

This beautiful, freedom-creating book will land on your doorstep in the first week of Jan, but when you pre-order the book today (Sat Dec 8) you get extra goodies entering your life:


Pre-order your copy of BE A FREE RANGE HUMAN today and you’ll get a bonus AUDIO boost “Create Your Own Rules” (20 minute insider scoop where I talk you through the 4 Parts of the book, share what really matters and get your ideas buzzing). PLUS you’ll get one ticket to the Be A Free Range Human live tele-seminar in January (an inspiring event exclusively for people who buy the book in this pre-sale)


1. Click here to order your copy of the book from 

2. Email your receipt as proof of purchase to and we’ll send you your bonus goodies!


(Want more book? = Get more presents)

Pre-order THREE or more copies of BE A FREE RANGE HUMAN today and get all of the above (ie: the 20 minute audio boost + your tele-seminar ticket) PLUS: 
  • A free pass to the ‘Open Q&A Webchat Session’ with me (a one-off live ‘drop-in session’ via webchat in January. Your chance to pop by, ask me anything, and get clarity and personal help on your situation). and:
  • Instant access to the e-guide 30 Do’s and Don’ts For Becoming A Free Range Human (30 juicy topics to get you going. When you order the book today, you can get hold of this e-guide straight away, no need to wait). 

Why would you want 3 copies? Well a) it’s an easy way to get your Christmas gift list sorted (more on that in the box at the bottom of this email), b) you’re helping your friends get unstuck and c) you get more goodies to keep for yourself. More books = more awesomeness for you :) 


1. Click here to order 3 (or more) copies of the book from

2. Email your receipt/s as proof of purchase to and we’ll send you your bonus goodies!


Things have been changing. 

It feels like now is the time for something new. Your options today are different to what they were 10 years ago, what we expect from work has shifted, and we need a guide for a new way. Say hello to that new book. She’s full of new possibilities + lightbulb ideas, inspiring real stories + kick-ass strategies, freedom + frankness, straight-talking clarity + a wallop of love… she doesn’t give a damn about the old ways, and she’s ready to rock your world.

I wrote Be A Free Range Human to give you the boost to grab life by the horns, and make some real damn changes around here. Not in your dreams, not ‘one day’, but in reality. Starting now.

I wrote this book for you. As you are, here and now. And I also wrote it for the person you will become.

It’s a kick-start to your real life, and that’s not something that should ever be put on hold.

Your book is waiting for you, right here.

Let’s do this!

Want to give this book as a gift to a friend who doesn’t exactly love their job? (Or a friend who has escaped the career-cage but could use a boost?) We’ve come up with a simple + creative way to let you do just that, in time for Santa:1. Order 3 or more copies of the book today2. Forward us your receipt

3. We’ll send over a beautiful ‘letter from the author’ that you can pop in a nice envelope, hand to your friend at Christmas (then watch them thank you for the rest of the year)

(the letter says how fabulous you are for giving them this gift of freedom, explains they can expect the book to land with them the week they get back to work in January, exactly when they need it most. I’ll also give them access to the free introduction chapter to keep them busy and happy in the meantime).

Your Xmas list = sorted

Your friend = unstuck (and grateful to you)

SHORT VERSION: Click here to order your 3 copies at Then email your receipt to and we’ll send you your bonuses + the gift letter. Done!

NOTE: Based outside the UK? Quick heads up that no matter where in the world you are based the quickest way to get the book is to order from this link on  – if you buy from or any other website you will not receive your book until February. But when you click here to get it from and your copies will ship straight to you from January 3, nice and easy (so you can get a much-needed boost just as you get back to work).