About the Book

The international bestseller by Marianne Cantwell, now translated into 6 languages.

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What’s this book all about then?

Good question. You see, “Be A Free Range Human” is not a regular business or careers book. This isn’t just about making a living without a job… it’s about discovering a world where daring to be yourself, throwing out the old rules, doing things your way (no one else’s) and creating a life that suits you down to the ground is not only encouraged but essential to make this work.

Read this and discover there is a better way to get that freedom and fulfilment which most people think they have to wait until retirement to achieve (and you can get there without compromising your personality).

It’s a new world. You don’t have to go broke to get free. You don’t have to stay trapped to get paid. And your choices don’t have to be restricted by your age, your education or whatever happens to be written on your CV today.

This is the world which thousands of people just like you are discovering for real every day: want to join us?

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Is this book for me?

Dreaming about making a change but no idea what that might be (or if it’s even possible for you)? Have an idea (or 10) but not sure where to start? Or already out there free ranging but want some help to make it take off (and more to the point, tweak things to better suit your personality and your life)?

You’re in the right place. 

This book covers the full journey from career cage to free range. And you can drop in no matter what stage you’re at (from dreaming to planning to doing). For more on what’s in here, check out the words below, taken right from the book jacket.

(Note: they cut the part that said: “a no-bs guide to doing whatever the heck you choose, making really rather good money and having kick-ass fun in the process”… but you get the idea).

Free Range is the new career change

Trapped in a job that’s ‘just not you’? Always dreaming of your next vacation and counting down to the weekend? Imagine getting paid to do something that brings you alive, without ever having to walk into an office again. It’s all possible with this smart guide that breaks you out of the career-cage and puts you in control of your life. “Be a Free Range Human” is a breezy, energizing and straight-talking guide to creating an amazing lifestyle and a great income, doing what you love (on your own terms).

Packed with inspiring case studies from people who’ve done it, this book shares unconventional ideas and practical steps to:

• Discover what you really want to do with your life

• Create a ‘free range’ career tailor-made for your unique personality and  interests

• Ditch the job and still make as much (or more) as you do now

• Get time and location freedom (make money travelling the world or hanging out in your favourite café)

• Get started in 90 days, for less than £100 (you don’t need an MBA, funding or stuffy business plan to do it)

• Stand out from the crowd and do things your way!

About the Author: Marianne Cantwell is an expert on creating a free range career and a successful work-life doing what you love. She is a leading writer and international speaker and runs courses about how to make a living working when, where and how you want. A corporate escapee herself, Marianne is a TEDx speaker, entrepreneur and writer who lives and works in several countries a year.

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