Marianne Cantwell

I’m Marianne Cantwell, author of “Be A Free Range Human”. Nice to meet you!

Now I know this is supposed to be the shiny, official About The Author page, but between you and me, most of those things are as dull as heck. So let’s do it our own way shall we?

Before we talk about me, let’s talk about you.

You’re the person who doesn’t want to spend the rest of your life commuting to that office, eating lunch at your desk, working your life away in that career you ‘fell into’, living for your 3 weeks’ holiday a year (and spending the rest of the time looking up vacations online ).

You’re the person who wants more than what everyone else is telling you you should be grateful for. After all you did ‘all the right things’ to get where you are, and well… this is the pay off? Really? Forever? Of course you can’t say that out loud, so you secretly dream of winning the lottery so you can make that escape and stop pretending to be someone you’re not.

(Or maybe you’re a step ahead, and you’ve busted out of the cubicle cage and are looking to make your new life work out).

I know this for a simple reason:

A few years ago I was where you are today.

I used to feel like you do right now. I had what seemed to be a good career in media, and then in a city consultancy, yet I was secretly miserable – quietly thinking, isn’t there more to life than living for the weekends?

I spent hours browsing job sites, and kept hopping from one job to another hoping to find ‘the one’.

Somehow, that plan never worked out.

After going through multiple career changes, I realised that I kept making half a leap to a Free Range life, without an office or a boss, but was too ‘chicken’ to make the full change to get there. I could never quite figure out a) what I wanted to do and b) how to actually make it work.

I had to figure out some tough questions like, ‘who am I’, and ‘what will make me happy every day (and does not come in chocolate form)’? Those were hard questions. Oh, and ‘how do I actually make money?’ That was a biggie too.

One day, I decided to stopping saying ‘if only’ and instead dive in and make this life happen

I read up on every life change idea out there, undertook personality assessments (I’m an ENFP which tells you just about everything you need to know), started experimenting and found out what it was that made for a really-right Free Range Life for me.

I figured out that actually I COULD create a bespoke career, where I do lots of stuff I love rather than choosing one thing, forever.

So I stopped ‘thinking about it’, and started doing it. For real. Without another job lined up. Just the knowledge that I never wanted to commute to a cubicle again. Did I mention there was a recession on too?

Pretty quickly I learnt what it took to create a living without an office or a boss. I started a few ideas at the same time. I learnt some things fast, and others the hard way.

But within 3 months of launching I was quoted as an expert in a book and (this part is good) by the end of the first year I was earning more per month than I had been in my last job. You know, the one I couldn’t leave for fear of going broke. Now, I was doing what I loved, on my own terms, on my own time too.

The best thing about being free range? The ability to tweak what you do to suit you down to the ground, and change things up as you go.

For example, I love to write, and after I started to make my office-free life work for real, people kept asking “how did you figure out what you wanted to do? How quit your job? Can you help me do it too?” So, I started a blog about that topic. Just a little blog on a free platform. That blog turned into Free Range Humans… and it has grown into my main passion, from which I  run courses and launch events to inspire people, brainstorm ideas and generally get you shining and standing out as yourself (these, as it turns out, are some of my favourite things to do).

I also love travel, so I chose to use my new flexibility to live anywhere. In the last 12 months I have lived and worked from the beaches of Bali to the cafes of London and the hills of Tuscany. And that’s the beauty of free ranging: you get to decide how this one life goes:

Whether you want to travel the world… or simply work from home to spend more time with the kids… or have the freedom to pick and choose where you spend your weekdays doing stuff that makes you light up inside (and still pay the bills!)… this is your time.

What makes this book different?

According to our reviews from readers (plus these reader reviews here on Amazon – thanks lovelies!), there are a bunch of things that make it different (ie: they say this book is smart yet fun, speaks straight to what really matters and changes how you see your options… and crucially, takes you from figuring out what you want / how to do things your way + strategies for getting paid well for whatever you do).

But what gives this book an edge in readers’ lives is this: this is a book about getting paid to be you. We’re not about shoehorning yourself into doing what you think you should do – and we are certainly not becoming your own boss then waking up a few years later realising you’ve created another ‘box’ for yourself. Getting paid (well) to be you. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for in the end?

Well let me tell you making that happen is not a crazy pipe-dream, it’s reality. And it’s a million miles from the cubicle life I thought that someone like me had to stay in until retirement.

Who reads this book?

Be A Free Range Human readers are smart, lovely humans at different stages in life: some are well into regular careers and picked up this book with NO IDEA what they wanted to do and very much doubting they could really be their own boss… and others picked up this book after being self employed for years (but wanting to make things work way better for them).

Some are single, some are in committed relationships, plenty are mums and dads who are considering their family’s future as much as their own. Some are in their 20s + 30s, and a good chunk are in their 40s + 50s+. We’ve had thank you letters from New York to the Netherlands, Korea to Kansas, Sydney to South Africa (and of course a bunch from the UK where this book was first released).

Want to join us?

The bottom line is: this isn’t for the ‘lucky ones’. This is for you. You can create an life where you get paid to be you and do what you love without apology; You can create a reality where you live your life every day (rather than put it on hold 48 weeks of the year).

You don’t have to live on baked beans for a year to make it happen. (You don’t even have to quit what you’re doing now to get started).

Yes there is work to be done and yes there are barriers to overcome, but this, right here, is your guide: from ideas + inspiration to strategies and new possibilities.

If you like the sound of breaking free and living life on your terms, and you’d like to hear some inspiring stories of how it works for real people (plus ideas for how it could be possible for you) then I’d love to take you along with me.


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