Read this and realise that the world is your oyster. A rare mix of funny, frank and feisty, as well as realistic and do-able, this is the kind of book you’ll take everywhere with you – it’ll be your new best buddy, supporting and encouraging you on the road to living la vida free range-a!

Nadia Finer
Co-author of "More To Life Than Shoes: How to Kick-start Your Career and Change Your Life"

One of the most useful guides I’ve read to help you create a realistic (read: totally do-able) life you want to live – and it is also fun to read.

Lea Woodward
Entrepreneur and founder of

“Be a Free Range Human” shines. Marianne Cantwell could have merely inspired millions of frustrated cubicle-dwellers to think outside the job box, but she goes the extra mile to provide the reader with the all-important “how.” Brilliant!

Dr. Valerie Young
Author of "The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women" and founder of Changing Course

Imaginative, inspirational, and challenging. A unique, well written book that will have a huge impact on readers

Dr. Barrie Hopson
Author of 40 books including "Build Your Own Rainbow" and "And What Do You Do? 10 Steps To A Portfolio Career"

Many of us get stuck in jobs we need to do – to pay the bills – rather than doing what we want to do. But it can be done. This wise and clever book can help you immensely on the road to discovering and doing what you love.

Stevyn Colgan
Author of 'Joined Up Thinking', cartoonist, contributor to BBC TV series 'QI'... and former police officer

A practical guidebook loaded with exactly the tools you need to break free of excuses and start creating the adventurous life of your dreams. Marianne Cantwell knows what she’s talking about. Pay attention.

Barbara Winter
Author of "Making A Living Without A Job"